Dear Parent / Guardians,

We have put in place a school continuity plan to ensure the well-being of your child during a haze situation. We are ready to respond and take appropriate haze management measures based on the guidelines corresponding to MOH’s health advisory.

Index Category Management Measures
  • Schools will minimise outdoor activities.
  • Students with pre-existing lung or heart conditions or are unwell will be exempted from all physical exercise.
(Very Unhealthy)
  • There will be no indoor or outdoor physical exercises.
  • Classroom lessons will continue, but lessons may be modified as appropriate.
  • Students with pre-existing lung or heart conditions will be moved to enclosed indoor spaces.
  • If the forecast for the next day is ‘Hazardous’, school closure will be considered.
  • If PSI reaches ‘Hazardous’ level during school hours :
    • Schools will scale down lessons.
    • All students, including those with pre-existing lung or heart conditions, will be in enclosed indoor spaces, including classrooms with doors and windows fully closed. Schools will spread out students across the enclosed indoor spaces, such as the library, to allow for better thermal comfort and ventilation.
    • Students and staff who are unwell will be temporarily accommodated in an air-conditioned room with an air purifier, before taken to seek medical attention. Parents of these students will also be notified.

To enable our teachers to continue to safeguard the well-being of your child while in school, please keep us updated on your child’s health status. Students, who are feeling unwell, should receive medical attention promptly. They should also have their necessary medication, such as their inhaler and spacer, with them at all times, and be encouraged to drink lots of water.

We would also like to inform you that the Ministry of Education is monitoring the haze situation closely, and will make adjustments to school activities corresponding to MOH’s health advisory, to ensure the well-being of all our students. As part of our haze management measures developed over the years, we would like to reassure parents that our schools are equipped with air purifiers and sufficient enclosed spaces to cater to our students.

As stated in MOE’s website on Haze Management Measures, the Ministry will consider closing all primary and secondary schools if NEA’s air quality forecast for the next day is in the hazardous level. Any decision to close schools will not be taken lightly as MOE is mindful of the disruptions to families’ care arrangements for their child. The Ministry’s decision will take into consideration all available information, health advisories and forecasts from the relevant authorities that we have on hand regarding the next day’s haze situation. As forecasts are based on prevailing weather conditions, real time conditions may differ from forecasts due to factors such as unforeseen changes in wind conditions. To ensure smooth operations in schools, and to avoid confusion among parents and students with adjustments to real time conditions, we seek your understanding that MOE’s decision made the previous day, as to whether schools close or remain open, will stand. Should school closures coincide with national examinations such as the O-level, the affected examination papers will be rescheduled and the examination period extended.

Unless official notification is issued from MOE to close schools, schools will remain open (including school-based Student Care Centres), and all activities including examinations will continue. Parents will be given adequate notice.

For more information of MOE’s Haze Management Measures, please refer to

We thank you for your support in this period and hope to continue to work with you to ensure that your child is safe and healthy when they are in school.

Thank you.

Warmest regards,
Ms Soh Lai Leng Magdalen