(For Admission into Year 1 Integrated Programme in 2016)


Catholic High School (CHS) – together with CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School and Singapore Chinese Girls’ School – will accept its 4th cohort of Year One students into the Integrated Programme in January 2016.

Primary 6 pupils who are keen to apply for the Integrated Programme through the Direct School Admission–Secondary (IP) Exercise should demonstrate the following attributes:

  • High intellectual potential and curiosity, and a passion for life and learning;
  • Commitment to excellence in academic and non-academic areas, including but not limited to co-curricular activities and community involvement;
  • Leadership potential, with commitment to be of service to others; and
  • Potential to contribute to the Catholic High family.

The above attributes, including demonstrated and potential abilities, will be essential in allowing our students to fully benefit from our enriching and authentic IP learning experiences and programmes.

Successful applicants who accept our DSA-Sec (IP) offer will not be allowed to participate in the S1 Posting Exercise to opt for secondary schools and will not be allowed to seek transfer to another school after the release of the PSLE results. Successful DSA-Sec students are expected to honour their commitments to their posted DSA-Sec schools. They will be assured of a place in our school as long as they fulfill the minimum criteria for admission into the Express stream.


To register for DSA-Sec (IP), all applicants must complete the following two important steps:

  1. CHS Online application for DSA-Sec (IP), open from 11 May to 1 July 2015, at Click Here.
  2. Registration for GAT and all other relevant tests at
    (It is very important for applicants to go to this website to do the following:

    • Choose the test date for GAT
    • Sign up for the test for English and Math tests
    • Note the closing dates for the registration for these tests
    • Note the venue of the tests

Note for applicants not studying in MOE schools:
Applicants in non-mainstream schools, Returning Singaporeans (SC/SPR) and foreign students, who are currently not studying in MOE schools, are required to obtain a registration number from MOE Customer Service Centre (CSC), starting from 11 May to 31 Aug 2015.

The table below details the eligibility criteria and required selection tests for different students:

Eligibility Criteria Selection Tests
P6 Pupils currently on the Gifted Education Programme (GEP)
  1. Excellent P5 End-of-Year results
  2. Excellent P6 Mid-Year results
  1. English Language Free Response Test

Shortlisted applicants

  1. Interview
All Other P6 Pupils
  1. Excellent P5 End-of-Year results
  2. Excellent P6 Mid-Year results
  1. General Ability Test (GAT)
  2. English Language Free Response Test
  3. Math Test

Shortlisted applicants

  1. Interview


The timeline for application is as follows:

11 May 2015 CHS Online Application Opens Click Here
GAT Online Application for GAT and/or other tests(
All applicants (GEP and non-GEP students) must submit an online application at (insert URL for CHS).Please ensure you have registered for the correct tests before the closing date stated on the GAT website.
1 July 2015 CHS Online Application Closes Note:
The closing dates for the GAT and other tests will be earlier than 1 July 2015. Do ensure that you have registered to take the tests before this date.
27 July to 14 August 2015 (Tentative dates) Interview at Catholic High School Based on the GAT, English and Math tests (where applicable), short-listed applicants will be informed of the interview date and time through email or telephone.
31 August 2015 Applicants receive outcome of application

The school reserves the right not to release the reasons for non-selection of applicants and/ or the results of the interview.


  1. Please click here to proceed with your CHS online application for DSA (IP) Exercise.
  2. The application form takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Please follow the instructions carefully. An incomplete application form will NOT be considered.
  3. Click on ‘Submit’ to send your completed online form to us. You may print a copy of the acknowledgement as proof of your submission.
  4. The deadline of the application for the DSA (IP) Exercise is 1 July 2015. Applications received after the stated date will NOT be accepted.