Dad & Son Fishing 5-6 June 15 (School Holiday)
2 Day 1 Night – Father and Son. (5 Jun 0700 hrs till 6 Jun 1830 hrs)
Cost: $250 per Pair* (additional son @ $125)
Where: Kelong Acheh, Mersing Malaysia
Includes: 1 Rod and reel, 2 way bus transfer, ferry transfer, lunch, seafood dinner, supper, breakfast, fishing guides, fishing competition and lots of fun.


Register online here
First-come, first-served basis for the 1st 50 pairs.
Submit payment by cheque to Secondary School General office within 48 hours. Write son’s name behide the cheque.
Make cheque payable to: Chua Hian Yong


*All parents to buy yourown travel insurance
Only for the first 50 pairs only.
Successful applicants will be notified by email