Team Catholic High – all our sportsmen in the ‘B’ and ‘C’ Divisions have done the school and themselves proud with the numerous national and zonal achievements – bettering their personal best, gaining top positions, and most importantly, for many of them, prevailing against all odds with an unyielding individual focus and a strong team spirit. Our heartiest congratulations to our sportsmen for being faster, higher, and stronger, as they fought and soared through the preliminaries to the play-offs to the semis and finally to the finals! And beyond the medals and positions, we would like to commend our boys for their unbreakable bond and sportsmanship!

CCA Sports Results 2013

Softball B Div National 3rd
Table Tennis B Div Zone 2nd National 4th
Tennis B Div National 4th
Cross-country C Div National 4th
Track & Field C Div National 4th
Wushu B Div National 4th
Basketball B Div Zone 2nd National Top 8
Floorball B Div National Top 8
Volleyball B Div Zone 1st National Top 8
Table Tennis C Div Zone 2nd National Round 2
Tennis C Div National Round 1
Cross-country B Div National 8th
Track & Field B Div National 7th
Wushu C Div National 9th